Welcome to the Volunteer In Action Team of the Madang Manus Mission.

We have a passionate team of 29 volunteers sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the mission field.

The team has one objective and that is to introduce Jesus to those who do not have a relationship with him. We also involve in encouraging those who have left the church to come back home to their Lord and Savior.

We also are involved with the Global Mission projects where our team is in the front line to break new grounds and bring the Adventist faith to those who have not been reached by the distinct truths the church offers.

These activities and other have kept the members of the Volunteer In Action Team excited and stamina to pursue what our Lord entrust to us.

We believe this job is noble and we do not turn to the left or right in comparison to the earthly necessities. We work for a crown that is better than the riches of this world.

Please pray for us in your 777 prayer sessions. If you need some reports of what is happening in this part of the mission field contact us through our address.

We love you for reading this page and looking forward to meeting you when Jesus comes in the eastern sky. Maratha!

Kenneth Kuas