Welcome to the Personal Missionary and Sabbath School Departments page of this website.

The departments involve in nurturing, training and resourcing and engaging our church in the gospel work entrusted to us by our Lord.

We conduct trainings in their gifts, interest, naturally skilled areas, and acquired skill areas. We believe the church is the most important resource for the church in Madang Manus Mission. When trained, equipped and assigned to their respective areas of interest we believe the church can become a great evangelistic force that can sweep across this local mission.

When we involve people in ministry armed with the word of God and other resources material we have realized that great many souls were brought to Jesus. Nurturing naturally takes care of itself when the church is involved in ministry.

Everybody has a story to share as to how work works through their individual lives, families and their local church.

The personal Ministry and Sabbath School department is seeing great changes and action in the lives of the church members. We are continuing to assist the church where possible with training, resources and involvement in ministry.

Please pray for us as we do our bit in this local mission to extend the kingdom of God through our efforts as the Holy Spirit leads us in his direction.


By Anthony Harry


Sabbath School & Personal Ministries